Ben Loughrill - Award Winning Wood Sculptor
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Welcome to my website. My name is Ben Loughrill and I am 36 years old. I am a self taught chainsaw sculptor. I have been carving full time for 14 years.

I have always had a passion for wood and I was lucky enough to have met a good friend in the year 2000 who showed me how to make a mushroom with a chainsaw, She gave me the opportunity to make a career from wood carving.
Since then I have learnt to carve all-sorts from small mice through to monumental sculptures standing 30ft high.

With no previous hint of being artistic or any ability to draw it came as a surprise when the objects I started to make resembled what I was hoping to create.
I have since put in hour after hour to learn my skill and understand the anatomy and figures of animals and people.

If you have a commission enquiry please contact me either by email or phone. (phone is best) If you are having a tree felled that you have watched grow over the years and which has to be taken down due to illness or simply getting to big or near a drain ect you could have it cut down to a particular height and have me come to you and carve the tree into your beloved pet or an animal a person, practically anything you can imagine.
I use seasoned wood (mostly oak) for creating sculptures the wood I use will have been seasoning for a minimum of two years before being considered to make into a carving.
The reason for this is, if you use green wood i.e. freshly cut, it will split, seasoning wood lowers the chances of splitting, however as wood is an organic material its impossible to say whether splits will occur.
The regular use of Danish oil or exterior varnish on sculptures will help to stop splits as it allows the wood to dry out far slower.
The wood I use for sculptures is often the wood which has knots or bends, which would normally be used for fire wood.

Below are some of the people I have worked for previously;
  • Cavvel primary school, Norwich
  • Tuckswood primary school, Norwich
  • Eaton school primary school, Norwich
  • Bignold primary school, Norwich
  • Hewit high school
  • Harford Manor, Hewit
  • Barking and Dagenham council
  • Chingford primary school, Essex
  • St peters primary school Holton, Halesworth
  • Ditchingham primary school, Suffolk
  • Dunstable town council
  • Wing Parish Council Buckinghamshire
  • Wigan council
  • Ketteringham parish council
  • Gislingham parish council
  • Lakenham primary school, Norwich
  • Rendezvous, carving event, Pennsylvania America
  • Julian hospital, Norwich
  • Adele house, Bungay, Suffolk
  • Jimmy�s farm, Ipswich, Suffolk
  • Rendelsham forest, Suffolk
  • Henham park, Southwold, Suffolk
  • Whitlingham country park, Norwich
  • High lodge forest centre, Brandon, Suffolk
  • Linford arboretum, Thetford, Norfolk